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Welcome to the dark side and say hello to men’s brazilian waxing and full body waxing for men. While men’s waxing might not be the most pain-free way to go about removing hair from your body, men’s waxing is definitely the most gratifying. Male waxing has been portrayed as the most painful thing to go through besides passing a kidney stone. With the proper products and well skilled hands, we can make waxing for men as painless as possible. We can do a male waxing of the full body, or you can pick and choose which body parts need the hair removal attention from the professionals.

What type of wax do you use and why?
Depending on the area of the body we will either use soft strip wax or synthetic hard wax. Generally, we will use soft wax for large areas of the body, for example back and chest and we will use hard wax for more sensitive areas like the brazilian or nose waxing.

Our soft wax is made from tree resin and other synthetic materials. In our experience, our clients have had less irritation from this type of wax. We do not use muslin strips for our soft wax, we use a higher quality synthetic fiber fabric that is stronger to allow for cleaner less painful pulls and less irritation.

Our hard wax, also known as stripless wax is made from synthetic materials. Hard wax does not require strips. After wax is applied, the wax cools down, hardens and is pulled directly from the skin. The reason we use hard wax for sensitive areas is because it is less aggressive on the skin. Hard wax attaches to the hair and not the skin. Hard wax can also be used on coarser hair than traditional soft wax.

What is double dipping and why is it bad?
Double dipping is when an esthetician uses the same wax stick more than once. So that means she dips into the wax, uses it to apply the wax on your skin and puts it back into the wax pot contaminating the wax pot with your cooties. What if she pulled a new stick just for you? She probably did the same thing with the last person and their cooties are still in the pot too. Wax pots are generally refilled throughout the day and more than one service can be typically done from one wax pot. The wax heater is not hot enough to kill the bacteria and viruses that wax can be contaminated with. No matter where you go, make sure a new wax stick is pulled for every wax pull.

What parts of the body do you wax?
Any part below the neck and some above the neck. See below for a full list.

What if I don’t want everything waxed?
You can opt for a combination of waxing and grooming, just let your esthetician know during your consultation.

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