Back Waxing

Back waxing for men is one of our most popular services at Bare Skin Studio. While we have evolved as a human race, we have not lost all of our primal genes. Having a built in sweater is great in the winter but not so fun in the summer under a tank top at the beach. Not all of our clients look like silverbacks that belong in National Geographic. Some of our male clients just don’t want the pesky hairs on their shoulders and tramp stamps. The point of a back wax is that you are comfortable and clean and not scaring small children. Our estheticians will do their best at making this the most comfortable experience as possible. After you are clean and smooth you may return to an upright walking position.

How bad is this going to hurt?

Out of all the areas we wax, this is the least painful. Your hair coarseness and density is what will really dictate how painful it’s going to be. We’ve yet to have a client not finish a back wax.

What areas does a back wax cover?

For our back waxing service we cover the shoulders, the full back down to the pant line and going into the arms to blend out and give you a more natural look.. We try to make it look like where we stop is how your hair naturally grows.

We use different kinds of waxes depending on your skin and sensitivities. We do patch test at the beginning of our services to check for allergic reactions and do a consult to clarify our stopping points. We typically ask that you keep coming back in every 6 weeks. Your hair will thin out and become finer with every wax service. It will never be completely gone, but it will get pretty closer over time.

The first time back waxing is the most painful one. Over time and consistency it becomes less painful the skin will usually also get red and may become bumpy at the time of the service. This usually goes away overnight. We will also give you post care instructions and recommend products for upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions for Back Waxing

What type of wax do you use for back waxing?

We do soft wax over large areas like the back. This is the easiest and fastest way to get through the pain factor. At our discretion we may use hard wax in any areas that we find to be particularly furry.

The hair is long on my back, should it be trimmed down?

When you come in we can make that call. Don’t worry about trimming your back hair first before you come in. We will take care of it. Generally, it’s easier to wax when the hair is longer.

The hair on my back is dense, can I even wax my back?

Yes.This is one of the reasons we do a small test strip before we go for the whole back. If the back hair is dense but light normally there is no problem. If the back hair is dense and coarse the pain factor has to be considered if it’s worth doing. The estheticians at Bare Skin Studio are highly experienced and can gauge what kind of reaction your skin will have prior to doing a whole back wax service. We can do the back wax service with breaks if needed. If all else fails we can still groom your back smooth.

I have waxed my back before and ended up with bumps right after, recommendations?

One of the most important things post wax is to keep the area clean. We generally recommend that you do not go swimming in a pool or ocean for the first 24-48 hours after your service. Same goes for the gym. All the extra sweat can irritate your skin. Your skin has open hair follicles that can take in bacteria very easily. You can take a shower right after your back waxing service, but would recommend that you keep the water lukewarm to warm since your skin is more sensitive. If your skin is naturally oily or your back hair is coarse there is a higher possibility of ingrown hairs. We will recommend a wash for use at home. The most important key is exfoliation and keeping the skin clean.

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