Underarm Waxing

Underarms are some of the most sensitive areas in our body so you can’t simply set aside cleanliness and hygiene to make it free from odor and keep it smooth and flaw-free as much as possible. Bacterial growth is enhanced by sweat and this may result in body odor. You will sweat more if there is excessive growth of underarm hair in the area where it can cling to. And for this reason, you should not give underarm waxing a second thought especially if you are a woman who wants to stay beautiful, flawless, and keep underarms free from unpleasant odor! Why is underarm waxing preferred by many?

  1. Through underarm waxing, your underarm hairs are eliminated from the root leaving no stubble at all.
  2. Underarm waxing for women also helps in cleaning the top layer of dead skin to leave skin smooth and flawless.
  3. Most importantly, underarm waxing for women reduces growth of armpit hair over a period of time. Compared with other options, underarm waxing offers longer time for you to not worry about armpit hair.

The difference between being comfortable all day and being horribly hot can be affected by hairy underarms! Why live day to day as a slave to your razor when you can get rid of armpit hair and have clean, smooth, and waxed underarms for a longer time? Armpit hair is not sexy and needs to be removed as painlessly as possible. Bare Skin Studio uses the gentlest premium Australian wax for fine easy hair to be removed minus the discomfort or we can use more aggressive underarm waxing methods to get rid of the pesky coarse armpit hair. Schedule an appointment now to take advantage of underarm waxing service by Bare Skin Studio that will leave you free from underarm hair worries!

You can add this service as an extra to one of our many other services.  Book your appointment now.