What is a facial?

Oh, darling, it’s just a fancy spa ritual where someone slathers a series of creams, masks, and potions on your face, massages it a bit, maybe tortures you with some steam or extractions, and then charges you for the privilege of lying down while they tell you everything that’s wrong with your skin. It’s like a spa day, but just for your face! 😉

The Anti-Aging Facial

Because who doesn’t want to spend their hard-earned money fighting the inevitable? First, they’ll slather on creams promising to erase those fine lines – the ones only you notice? Then, they tackle those deep lines, the stubborn life-story lines you’ve earned. And let’s not forget the infamous crow’s feet because heaven forbid your eyes show they’ve laughed or squinted a day in their life! Lastly, they’ll address that sun damage, all the souvenirs from those beach trips, and days you thought SPF was optional. It’s like a time machine for your face, only way less effective. But hey, at least you’ll walk out smelling like a rose and feeling a few hundred dollars lighter!

Hyperpigmentation Facial

When your skin decides to give you unsolicited “freckles” and you’re thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this connect-the-dots game on my face!” It’s the answer for when you’ve told one too many white lies about your sun exposure and your skin is keeping score.

First, they cleanse your face, probably judging you silently for every time you skipped sunscreen. Then, there’s some sort of brightening serum or potion that promises to fade those pesky spots faster than your last vacation tan.

The esthetician, doubling as a skin magician, might use tools that beep, buzz, or light up like a Christmas tree. LED light therapy? Microdermabrasion? Chemical peels? All in the arsenal to combat those stubborn splatters of melanin.

Post-treatment, they’ll likely lather you in SPF as a stern reminder and send you on your way, glowing and a tad less dotted.

Your face isn’t a coloring book, and sometimes it needs a little reminder.

The Oil Driller Facial

Why moisturize when you feel like your face is the main attraction at a gold mining
expedition? First, they slather you in stuff to “prep” the skin, which is just spa-speak for “make you so slick you question life choices.” Then comes the fun part, where an esthetician, playing the role of a miner in the 1800s, manually digs out each blackhead as if they’re searching for black gold. With each squeeze and prod, it feels less like pampering and more like payback for every chocolate you ever ate. After they’ve excavated your face, they’ll likely slap on a mask that’s supposed to control the oil but often feels like they’ve just sealed your skin with a ziplock. But hey, at least you leave with fewer black dots and a whole lot of character-building stories about your ‘journey’ to clear skin! 😉✨⛏

The Acneic Teen Facial

Ah, the Acneic Teen Facial, also known as the “Puberty Didn’t Like You Either?” special. This is the go-to treatment for when your face decides to relive the drama of high school by throwing pop-up zit parties without your permission. The esthetician plays the role of the strict dean, trying to put an end to these unruly breakouts with a series of masks, scrubs, and the much-dreaded manual extractions. Imagine someone with a magnifying glass examining your face like it’s a map of Mars, pinpointing every crater, and then (gently) squeezing the living daylights out of it. By the end, your face will be as red as prom night embarrassment but, fingers crossed, on its way to being as clear as your post-graduation plans. Goodbye, pizza-face days; hello, Instagram-ready selfies!

Delicate Flower Facial

When your skin is as temperamental as a cat deciding whether it wants in or out of a
room. This facial is the pampering equivalent of treading on eggshells, because Heaven
forbid you upset those precious pores.

First, they’ll gently cleanse your face, using products that are probably free of… well, everything. No harsh chemicals, dyes, perfumes, or any ingredients that sound like they belong in a chemistry lab rather than skincare.

The esthetician, channeling their inner Zen master, will apply treatments with the soft touch of a butterfly’s wing. Everything is done in soothing motions, ensuring your skin doesn’t throw a hissy fit. The room might as well have a sign: “Shhh… sensitive skin at peace.”

Masks? Oh, they’re as gentle as a lullaby. Extractions? Only if your skin gives written consent in triplicate. And at the end, you’re left moisturized with something that probably has “calm” or “soothe” in the name.

Dermaplaning Facial

For those moments when you think, “I’d really like someone to take a surgical blade to my face to give it that ‘just-hatched’ glow!” Why simply exfoliate when an esthetician can artfully shave away all that peach fuzz and dead skin, making your face the smoothest canvas in town? It’s like getting the VIP treatment at a very posh barbershop; only instead of walking out with a fresh fade, you leave looking like a freshly plucked chicken, but in a radiant, camera-ready way. Who knew the secret to that Hollywood glow was just a fancy face shave away? Razor burn, who?

Dermalogica Chemical Peels

When your skin’s been acting up and you decide, “Let’s get medieval and melt the top layer off!” Instead of the usual spa music, maybe they should play a dramatic movie trailer voiceover: “This summer, get ready for… your skin’s rebirth!”

With a name like “chemical peel,” you’d think it’s something out of a sci-fi lab experiment, but really it’s just Dermalogica’s fancy way of saying, “Let’s exfoliate you like you’ve never been exfoliated before.” They’ll slather you in their magic potion, which tingles (or stings like tiny skin elves throwing a rave on your face). And voilà! After the great skin shedding, you emerge like a phoenix a few days later, hoping your skin’s new radiant glow distracts from the credit card bill. Peeling like a snake? It’s all the rage, darling!

Backne Facial

Oh, darling, when your back decides it wants to relive your teenage years and you’re like, “Sorry, I thought this puberty thing was a one-time deal?” This is for those who want to rock that backless dress but their skin is currently auditioning for a zit-themed constellation.

First, you lay face down, trying to convince yourself this is just a regular spa day, even though the focus is on your dorsal landscape. The esthetician, now playing the role of a dermatological detective, gets to work, treating each spot like a mini crime scene.

There’s cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and yes – the main event – extractions. Some spots put up a fight; others bow out gracefully. Then, perhaps a soothing mask to calm the scene of the battle.

By the end, you might feel like your back just went through a Spartan race, but with the hope that clearer, spotlight-ready skin is on the horizon.

Backne Facial: Why should your face have all the fun (and pampering)?

Ingrown Neck Hair Facial:

For when that rogue hair on your neck decides to play hide-and-seek with your skin, and you’re like, “A simple beard or shave was too mainstream, huh?”

Laying down, you might initially feel as though you’re about to get a casual pampering session. Little do bystanders know, it’s more of an undercover rescue mission to save that rebellious hair from itself.

The esthetician, now playing the role of a skilled hair surgeon, begins by softening and exfoliating the skin to prep for the extraction. Then comes the main event – wielding fine-tipped tweezers, they dig in with the precision of a treasure hunter seeking buried gold.

There might be a few moments of “ouch” and “why me?”, but it’s all in the name of a bump-free, smooth neck.

Afterwards, there’s a calming mask or treatment to appease the skin, making it forget the tiny drama that just unfolded.

It’s the niche spa experience you never knew you needed, ensuring that each and every hair knows its place!

Included or Add-Ons depending on service:

Nose Extractions

Let’s evict those blackhead squatters from the condo of your nose! When cleansing isn’t cutting it, and your nose looks like a strawberry left in the sun for too long, it’s time for targeted extraction action.

The esthetician, now playing the role of a determined landlord, will use tools and methods to gently but firmly tell those pesky tenants, “It’s time to move out!” There’s a bit of pressing and prodding, and yes, sometimes it feels like they’re playing a miniature game of tug-of-war with each pore.

By the end, you might tear up a bit (because, you know, your nose isn’t used to this much attention), but it’s all in the name of clean, clear pores. After all, who needs those little black dots taking up prime real estate on your face? Nose extractions: It’s like spring cleaning, but just for your sniffer.

Dermalogica Advanced Renewal Peel – Eyes

When you look in the mirror and think, “Those crow’s feet need an eviction notice, and my under-eye bags are not designer!”

It’s the high-end world’s answer to the age-old problem of time marching across your face, especially around those peepers. The treatment is like a mini time machine powered by Dermalogica’s sorcery… I mean advanced formulations.

With a name like “Advanced Renewal Peel,” it sounds like you’re about to become a science experiment, but it’s really a high-end way of saying, “We’re going to pamper the living daylights out of your eye area.” Expect some tingling, perhaps a sensation of tiny pixies dancing around your eyes, followed by the hope that when you open them, you’ve dialed back the clock for a few years.

You might emerge with eyes that scream, “I got a full 8 hours of sleep,” even if you’re only catching up on your Netflix queue. Remember, the eyes are the window to the soul, so why not give them a bit of polish now and then?

EstheMax Jelly Masks

Ah, for when a regular facial mask is too… mainstream. So, why not slap on something that feels like dessert and hope it does wonders for your skin? It’s like treating your face to a spa day and a Jell-O party simultaneously.

The variety they offer is like the candy aisle for skincare addicts:

Hydrojelly: For when your skin is thirstier than a cactus in a desert.
Brightening: Flashing the “turn those dark spots into bright spots” sign.
Charcoal: Apparently, your face needs a detox more than you do after a weekend binge.
Gold: When you’re feeling fancy and want your face to radiate “expensive.”
Cica Complex Care: Sounds complicated, but it’s really all about calming your skin. Think of it as a meditation session in mask form.

The process goes like this: Mix, slather, wait, peel off, and – voilà! You’re left hoping you’ve transformed into a glowing goddess, or someone who looks like they didn’t stress-eat a whole pizza last night. It’s skincare magic – jiggly, jelly, joyous magic!

Deep Neck and Shoulder Massage

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and it feels like a mini Mount Everest has set up camp in your trapezius. Enter the esthetician: the unsung hero of our tense times, armed with magic hands and maybe a touch of essential oils if you’re feeling fancy.

You lie down, pretending you don’t have 3,000 unread emails and a sink full of dishes. The therapist digs in, finding knots you didn’t even know existed – knots that have names, histories, and perhaps even unresolved emotional issues.

As their fingers knead into your skin, it’s a mix of bliss and “Oh my stars, was that a bone or a boulder?!” But with each press and rub, it’s like they’re manually deleting the stress of every awkward conversation, every traffic jam, and every time you watched the news in the past year.

By the end, you’re a puddle of relaxation, and your neck and shoulders no longer feel like they belong to a stressed-out garden gnome. Deep neck and shoulder massage: It’s cheaper than therapy and feels like a mini vacation for your upper body!

There is no such thing as a basic facial at Bare Skin Studio. With every facial we have a result in mind. We have standardized our pricing and timing for our most popular facials to make sure we have enough time to treat the concerns, use all of the tool in our arena without fear of pricing of the focused facial. We can’t guarantee life changing skin reveals in one sitting, but with a strong treatment plan, consistency, and adherence to an at-home skin routine we can make tremendous strides.