Male Eyebrow Waxing

Men’s Eyebrows Waxing

The simplest and most common men’s manscaping service is male eyebrow waxing.

No matter if you like changing up your eyebrows with every season or like to just keep the caterpillars friendly, but separated, men’s eyebrow grooming is necessary. Uni-brows are what separate us from the neanderthals. Eyebrow waxing is so easy and painless a cave man can do it!

The men’s eyebrow waxing service is done with a combination of premium Australian wax and Berin’s Blue wax for the main eyebrow shaping. We will steam towel your eyebrows/forehead to open your pores and make less uncomfortable. Before any hair removal is done a quick consult will be done on shape and size so we don’t remove or leave too much hair. Any feral eyebrows will be tamed and shortened to fit into your natural eyebrow shape. Stubborn hair will be plucked and removed. Post wax your skin will be massaged with a calming oil to soothe your skin.

Eyebrow Shaping can be done with no wax and just be plucked and scissor cut. After your service is complete you can resume walking erect and stop dragging your knuckles. Book an appointment today for men’s eyebrow waxing and other men’s waxing services.