Nose and Ear Waxing

Men’s Nose and Ear Waxing

Nose and ear waxing for men is a must when it comes to one of those things that eventually happens with age, ear and nose hair growth. To help stop the tell-tale signs of aging the best way is to remove those pesky hairs with some waxing. Since most everyone at one point or another has experienced a single hair removed from their nose, and had tears being shed, you may shy away from the idea of having their nose hair waxed. This is a painless men’s waxing service. It hurts more to pull a single nose hair than it does to pull the whole plot of nose or ear hair. Yes, we do need some nose hairs (way inside), but we don’t need them swaying in the wind with every breath. Ear muffs are now made to be warn outside of the ears, not be grown by your ears. Yes, we can even take the hairs off the tops of the elf ears.

While yes nose trimmers do work wonders… wouldn’t it be nice to forget about your nose and ears for a few weeks?

These services are done completely with Berin’s Blue hard wax and some sticks. These services can be done in conjunction with other services to save time during your service.

For men’s manscaping services such as men’s nose or men’s ear waxing, book your appointment today.