Welcome to Bare Skin Studio
Full Body Waxing, Grooming, and Skin Care for Men
Waxing and Full Body Grooming for Men
Specializing in Male Brazilian Waxing

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Hello, and welcome to Bare Skin Studio!

Bare Skin Studio is an all-inclusive grooming space for face and body located in beautiful Orange County, California. Our services include full body waxing, full-body grooming, facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and other clinical services,

Is this your first time considering waxing? Don’t worry; we do this all the time. With over ten years of experience specializing in men, we make this service as pleasant as possible. Well, as enjoyable as having hair ripped off of your body can be. Check out our frequently asked questions for more information.

Our most popular service is Brazilian waxes for both men and women. Men are the majority, which makes women’s waxing a walk in the park.. Don’t let our masculine esthetic fool you; we are for the ladies too.

We can take care of entire bodies in one of three ways, either we can make you smooth like a baby dolphin, do a combination of waxing and grooming, or just weed whack the fuzz. We have standard services, but every service is customized to your wants and needs. You can read more about these services on our pages.

While we are usually balls deep, we do a lot of face make-overs. If you have been on the beach for the majority of your life and have the leather to show for it, we can help you. With all the chemicals, gadgets and expertise, we can make you market-ready.

Come in, have a beer, and let us show you the magic.

*Disclaimer: While our content is written towards the male market, we are open to all genders, pronouns and types of clients. Discrimination is not tolerated. We are LGBQT+ friendly. If you have hair and skin, you are our type of client. 

Additionally, the verbiage between men and women when it comes to description of services are in reference to different types of genitalia, not to identities. The price difference between what is considered a men’s vs women’s Brazilian wax is based on expertise in male Brazilian waxing, difficulty, amount of wax used, and time reserved for the service.