Brazilian Trim

Is that bush turning into a thicket? Did The 40 Year Old Virgin scare you into looking like a caveman forever? We’ll cut to the chase… movies are just movies and women like 70′s-era nether hair on you as much as you like it on them. With modern wax formulations and gentle techniques, there’s no reason to suffer through painful burns or skin pulling. Bare Skin Studio is the only spa in Southern California that uses imported specialized Australian wax for specialized services like Brazilian for men.

Could you do Brazilian shave or trim your short and curlies yourself? Of course!

Millions of men hunch over in the shower, wielding razors, risking life and limb to try and achieve results that can only be done by a professional. Still want a little hair left? A porn star patch? We’ll get you the look you want and can easily maintain. At Bare skin Studio, you will get to enjoy a Brazilian shave and trim service for men and come up with the kind of result that you want to achieve!

Brazilian shave is a hot trend among males today. Even men worry about hairs on their chest, back, stomach, arms and legs. Unwanted hair can be annoying and we will take away your worries by allowing you to enjoy the effects of Brazilian shave for men.

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