Leg and Arm Waxing

Leg and Arm Waxing Service – Your Best Approach To Common Leg Hair Dilemmas

Tired of having to shave everyday only to have porcupine stubble the next day?

Want to avoid becoming a slave to the razor for weeks on end?

Or worse, want to stay away from chemical hair removers that can damage your skin?

If you answered yes to those questions, you have more reasons to try our range of leg and arm waxing services!

Leg and arm waxing is the ultimate solution to day to day problems with unwanted hair!

At Bare Skin Studio we use a Premium Australian soft wax to remove hair from the booty short line, the whole thighs, calves down to your toe hair. Leg and arm waxing is not painful.  Clients have fallen asleep while getting a leg or arm waxing service.

Bare Skin Studio also does half legs and arms from the joint up or down.

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