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Here is our newest tool! It’s the male Alpha Clarisonic device! We use this neat little device for all of our Gentlemen’s Facials and Ingrown Hair Treatments. We use the Alpha brush to exfoliate all the unwanted debris from the outermost layer of the skin: excess oils, dirt, heavy product, and dead skin cells. The best use of this vibrating exfoliating brush is to prep the skin for better product absorption during our treatments and for at home use. The Alpha is the perfect tool for any male that experiences irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs after facial shaving. The brush is powerful enough to get through beard hair, so you don’t need to be cleanly shaven for the brush to reach your skin! With the Clarisonic Alpha you get a perfect clean and exfoliation for daily use.

Ingrown Hair Treatments

Do you experience ingrown hairs and breakouts after shaving every week? Have those ingrown hairs become scars on your neckline and face? The Ingrown Hair Treatment is a specialized treatment for all men who experience the irritations of shaving and hair regrowth. With specialty products with high concentrations of exfoliating natural acids, we cleanse the skin and exfoliate to better treat the bacteria that causes the breakouts associated with ingrown hair infection. Schedule your appointment today and allow us to help you rid your skin of irritation due to shaving.


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