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Male Brazilian Wax | Brazilian Waxing for Men | Bikini Wax Service

Men’s Brazilian Wax (Brozilian)

So you’ve decided to step up to the big leagues of men’s manscaping services and are going to get a male brazilian wax? Don’t know what to expect? Worried waxing your junk will hurt?

Most men think getting a male brazilian wax is more painful than getting hit with a fast pitch baseball, but if a male Brazilian waxing is done correctly, that is not the case.

Let us walk you through a typical Brazilian waxing for men service:

  1. Come showered or take a shower at our location. Yes, you can even book your shower time online.
  2. Get undressed and lay down on our table and relax.
  3. Our esthetician will do a consultation before she starts Brazilian waxing to discuss any concerns your have and make sure the right amount of hair is removed.
  4. For the pelvic bone, generally we use Lycon Oh So Yummy Wax and oil down the area to create a barrier between the wax and your skin.
  5. We may ask you to help us hold some of the skin taught to minimize the discomfort.
  6. Apply some Llycon wax with a stick. Wait a moment to let wax harden.
  7. Pull.
  8. Woo Hoo! Hairless Skin!
  9. Repeat 5-8, until pelvic area is completely bare and hairless or a porn star patch is achieved.

When it comes to a men’s Brazilian wax, the shaft and the base of the shaft waxing with every client is different. We try to aim for the least amount of discomfort, even if accommodating the customer takes a little longer. We can take breaks if you need them. Or switch waxes depending on your skin and hair type. The male brazilian waxing of the shaft and the base of the shaft are probably the most painful for men’s waxing.

How do we minimize pain when a Brazilian waxing for men is done?

  1. Take 2 Advil an hour prior to service
  2. Punching you in the face will distract you from any pain in the shaft right?
  3. Keep the skin as taut as possible on the shaft. Yes, an erection of the penis will help minimize the pain and discomfort! See FAQ.

For the men’s brazilian waxing process itself:

  1. Hope for an erection (sexy thoughts… sexy thoughts)
  2. Use Berins Blue Hard wax or Lycon Oh So Yummy on shaft in a couple of different spots.
  3. Wait a minute or 2 to dry.
  4. Pull!
  5. Woo hoo!
  6. Repeat.

What about Male Brazilian waxing of  the balls?

Why do people say “Grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding! -Betty White

While the balls may be sensitive your scrotum skin (ball sack)  is not. As long as we work with your balls gently and the skin is stretched properly waxing guys balls is a piece of cake! Yes, we can even wax old saggy balls! Hair on the scrotum is generally less dense than it is on the pelvic bone and shaft. Bare Skin Studio uses only the best hard waxes to wax the scrotum. We use hard wax to reduce the skin bounce back rubber band effect of the skin which is part of the pain of waxing the testicles. The process for waxing guys balls is a lot like that of the shaft waxing, minus the sexy thoughts. Final wax is on the perineum. We finish with a steam towel for clean up. Star stickers and lollipops available upon request if necessary.

How long will the results from the Male Brazilian Wax last?

Generally, the results will last 6 weeks. The first 3 times you come in, we ask that you come in at 6 weeks on the dot (or as class as you can make it). Why? Your hair grows on three different cycles and we are trying to get them all to sync up. The first few times you will have outgrowth in between waxings because the hair is not synced. The goal is to get your hair synced up to where you are clean for 4 weeks and growing out the last 2 weeks to re-wax. The long term goal is to be able to stretch your wax to every 8 weeks. There are cases where the times may be shorter or longer, but that’s a case by case basis.

How long does the service take?

A male Brazilian wax service is scheduled for an hour. We can also include a butt crack wax in that same hour. Density of the hair, pain tolerance and skin condition will determine how much of that hour we will need.

Female thoughts on Male Brazilian Waxing:

Male Brazilian waxing is not just for porn stars anymore! Mr. Joe Six Pack is more likely than ever to have his balls waxed than ever before. A high majority of our clients are straight, married men in their mid 30′s to mid 50′s. From mechanics to CEO’s to soccer dads. Most of male clients are weekend warriors who do triathalons, marathons and Iron Man’s that wax for comfort and speed. Some have jobs that get them into dirty situations that having minimal hair is key for cleanliness.

Why are more men getting Brazilian waxing?

Most of my clients have confided in me that its about the cleanliness more than anything else. There is less hair for body secretions to get stuck to and less smell this way. The other main reason is that their lady friends are demanding that they be clean and tidy down below  too. Guys don’t like furballs… ladies don’t like furballs either. *cough* Times have changed where Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck were household names and you could hang out with your taco meat out.

Do men have a wiping problem?

Aside from taking a shower every time you drop a deuce even the best wiper has a little trail left. Why leave more places for the dirt to get stuck? This gentlemen, is a life changer!

Don’t you need some pelvic hair to keep infection away?

Way back when, when we were sharing the lands with wild animals and we lived in the buff, yes! Since then technology has advance to daily showers and underwear to cover  our open body parts. Excess body hair in our nether regions is a relic of ancient times that we haven’t evolved out of yet.

Men’s Brazilian wax will produce great results that last much longer than trimming or shaving. Since you’ve already ventured to get your Brazilian party ready, lets not make it a mullet, lets talk Men’s Butt Crack Wax.

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