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Brazilian Wax FAQ | Bikini Waxing FAQ | Facials FAQs

Thinking of taking the plunge and trying a new waxing or facial service, but still have more questions?  Here are a few FAQs about our Brazilian waxing service that we are commonly asked. Still have questions? Then give us a call or submit a question through our questions form.


The most common question I get from men is “How much does a male Brazilian wax hurt?”

Here’s the thing guys… You will survive. Pain is all relative. If you can handle tattoos, piercingly and falling out of trees you will be fine. The difference between regular pain like getting punched in the face and waxing, is that waxing is an instant second of pain that dissipates within a few seconds, versus long lasting pain that keeps burning for a few hours.

Redness does occur because the body recognizes the hair being removed as a breach of security and send blood rushing to the area and will go away within a few hours. Since there is no way to tell everyone’s pain tolerance relative to everyone else I can at least tell you pain relative to each body area. This information is based on my experience with 100′s (maybe thousands) of male clients but results may vary.

Order from most to least painful waxing for Men’s Brazilian and other Male body waxing.

Brazilian Waxing Service for Men:

1. Base of shaft
2. Pelvic Bone
3. Up the shaft
4. Testicles
5. Perrenium
6. Butt crack (additional service)

Male Body Waxing:

1. Brazilian Waxing
2. Chest
3. Underarms
4. Full arms (mostly the forearms)
5. Full legs (inner thighs)
6. Full back
7. Full Butt
8. Ears
9. Nose

Why should I take Advil instead of Tylenol prior to a waxing service?

Tylenol is a known blood thinner therefore we recommend Advil for inflammation and swelling 2 hour prior to your waxing session. It is easier to prevent inflammation than to calm it down.

Why can’t I go into hot tubs, pools or oceans after a waxing service?

After your waxing session, your hair follicles are completely opened and exposed like holes left after digging up carrots. This means anything can get into the skin including bacteria that can cause infections and chlorine that can cause inflammation.

Why do I bleed during my waxing session?

Generally, if the hair is coarse and has never been removed or hasn’t been removed in a long time, the hair has time to settle in and grow deep roots. When the hair is removed during your waxing session, the hair follicle is disturbed and may cause bleeding. Overtime with consistent waxing, certain areas will no longer bleed because the hair has become finer and wax hair removal no longer disturbs the skin. Other areas where the hair has always been extremely coarse this may not change, for example the underarms. Most bleeding should stop by the end of the waxing session.

The other reason you may bleed is because there was a tear or a lift in the skin. These may happen in areas that have thinner skin, for example in Brazilian waxing or under eyebrows. Tearing and lifting can also happen in thicker areas if the skin is dry and brittle either because of thinning skin with aging or environmental issues that may cause dehydration. We recommend keeping the body hydrated with a thick body cream and face with an appropriate face moisturizer and serum.

Lastly, even as careful as our waxers may be, skin is just fickle and will lift and tear. This is generally superficial. We will let you know if this has happened and not let you come home to a bleeding surprise and will treat prior to your departure.

I have redness, bumps and irritation after waxing, what do I do?

Redness, bumps and irritation are completely normal after waxing. The redness will subside usually within a few hours of waxing. Bumps normally come in if the hair follicles are impacted or have bacteria in them. The trick to minimizing these things is to keep the area that was waxed, clean and exfoliated.  Using a facial cleanser with salacyclic acid and an exfoliating bead will normally do the trick. If there are specific big bumps that are inflamed use a spotting gel to kill the bacteria and calm down the spot.

This information has been gathered from professional experience as a Licensed Esthetician. I am not a doctor or other medical professional. If you have medical questions or concerns about a service or product we provide or recommend that may have adverse reactions with a medical condition or allergies, please consult with a Medical  Professional like your Primary Care Physician or Specialist. Take all advice with a grain of salt, humor and common sense. Ingredient lists can be provided upon request for review.

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