Alcohol and Your Skin

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Cinco De Mayo isn’t just about really great tequila and celebrating with friends. It’s much much more! So, what exactly is Cinco De Mayo for those of you who are unaware of why you have a tequila shot in your hand? Well, most people mistake Cinco De Mayo for Mexico’s Independence day, but that’s incorrect! Cinco De Mayo or the 5th of May is the day an epic battle took place between the French and Mexico’s army. In an unlikely fashion, the Mexican forces won the battle over the French occupation in Mexico City, Puebla, and other cities.

Although the Mexican army was grossly outnumbered they were able to use heavy resistance against the French. The victory brought camaraderie, a higher sense of patriotism, and stronger pride in the Mexican government and nation. Although there would be many other battles during this time, Mexico would remain a strong opponent in their nation’s defenses. So, go ahead and have a drink with your friends and Mexican descendants! However, don’t forget the effects alcohol has on your body and skin! As much as we love margaritas and beer, our skin and insides tend to dislike them! In the case you decide to have one too many tequila drinks, think about drinking water, sports drinks with electrolytes, and staying out of the sun. Your body and skin will thank you and your esthetician will be proud to hear you followed directions!

Alcohol is the largest organ of the body and is often heavily burdened by the effects of alcohol?

Slight dehydration effects the internal boy systems and worsens the appearance and compromises the health of your skin. Drinking too much alcohol can cause major deficiencies throughout the body, causing major vitamin and nutrient deprivation to the skin. Alcohol can be so detrimental to the skin that it can cause capillary issues, fine lines, wrinkles, severe dryness, age spotting, and compromise tissue functioning and protection for the sun. With that said, everything in moderation of course! It doesn’t hurt to let go every once in a while. Regular schedule visits to your local esthetician can help rewind some of these issues and ease tensions.

With proper care, the skin can bounce back from a heavy night of drinking with some extra loving from your skin care therapists at Bare Skin Studio!

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